Monday, 4 January 2010

It has been a couple of weeks since my last entry as life has been hectic over xmas and new year.  With only a week or 2 until baby No 5 I am getting myself as prepared as possible.

I have had a tough few weeks physcially with some bad back pain and an awful bout of a urinary tract infection. However as with all things in life I have gained some positive outputs from this.

For the back pain I have discovered "earth shoes" - the soles are slightly higher at the front than the back so when you stand and walk the pelvis is tilted very slightly which relieves a huge amount of pressure from the spine.  I have worn these non stop for about 4 weeks and have no more pain or twinges - a miracle when 39 weeks pregnant.  I got them from  - highly recommendeed to any pregnant woman or any one with lower back pain.

Re the UTI - I am so opposed to antibiotics (especially when pregnant) but came so close to taking them as the condition went on for almost a week and I spent about 4 days in real discomfort strapped to the loo!!.  However with perseverence, drinking about 12 pints a day and taking apple cider vinegar, honey and intense probiotics I have got through it with out having to comprimise my or my body's immune system so close to the  birth.  The other wonderful learning is that I have have had more energy, felt more alert and my skin looks amazing due to the volume of liquid I have consumed.  It appears I have been so dehydated for years!

My third blessing is that I have rediscoverd the magic of my own hypnosis CDS!  Inspite of working with them day in day out for so many years, it is only by practcing what I preach that I remind myslef of how beneficial they are.  I have been listening to my home birth CD and still get amazed at how relaxed and calm I feel after listening ot them.