Monday, 9 November 2009

Fertility Show

This weekend I had a stand at hte fertility show in London.  The turn out was higher than I expected and I felt that the show was a real success.  My colleague Gina Cox Roberts came along to help on Friday which was a huge help and between us we managed to speak to in excess of 200 women / couples who were planning to concieve.  Spending 2 days with so many couples who were having difficulties brought it home to me how challenging it is for so many couples to achieve what should be the most natural thing in the world. 

Also looking around the event I was surprised to see how much the support for women and couples preparing to conceive is based around physical preparation.  We seemed to be the only ones providing "emotional" and "mental" support.

We did get some great feedback from several IVF clinics, therapists and counsellors who used / recommended the conception CDS  - for example Hammersmith IVF clinic said that many of their women listen to our CD in the theatre when they are undergoing IVF and it helps relax all of them!

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